About Academy

Keune Academy Ltd. was established in 2018 on the basis of Beauty Life Ltd., the official representative office of professional international brands KEUNE Haircosmetics and LCN.  KEUNE Academy will contribute to the approximation and compatibility of vocational education teaching with European educational teaching. In particular, hair and beauty services will meet the needs of the rapidly and constantly changing labor market, with the help of international partners who have many years of experience in the field of education.

KEUNE Haircosmetics is a Dutch hair care company founded in 1922 and is a world leader in the production of professional hair cosmetics. It is a family business that pays great attention to the quality of the products produced, safety and the reputation of the company. Its philosophy is to produce products that are safe for humans and the environment, as evidenced by the title of eco brand awarded to it.

The products are produced only in an ultra-modern factory located in the Netherlands, they are studied and tested in the laboratory of international standards and in the vocational schools established by them, located in countries such as the USA, Australia, Switzerland, Brazil, Poland, Russia, etc.


LCN is a professional German brand of nail, hand and foot care products with 35 years of experience. In 2008, 2010 the first and second places at the European Cosmetics Exhibition were won by the Beauty Forum winners in the Shrosi, nail care sector. In 2012, at the International Exhibition of Beauty Dusseldorf, she won the prize in the nomination "Special service in the field of beauty".